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Perhaps you’ve been researching a new technology, but you don’t know how to deploy it yourself. Perhaps you want to enhance or automate a process in your business with a cost-saving solution. Let Velocity Technology Partners be your expert computer consultants, to help with all of your technology needs!

Service Tailored to Your Needs

At Velocity Technology Partners, we make it our business to understand yours. We will never offer cookie-cutter solutions. We don’t prescribe solutions until we first diagnose your needs. Once we understand exactly what you need from your computer system—and from us—we work with you to design and install a solution tailored to suit your needs.

We offer multiple levels of service, according to your needs. Our consultants can design, install and service your technology; or we can walk your current staff through the roll-out and get out of their way. Once your new technology is running, we can support the new technologies for you or train your current IT Processionals to handle them internally. If you want to deploy new technologies, but wonder how much you need to grow your current staff before you can support the new technologies, then we can help you figure it out.

A Cost-Cutting Approach

As computer experts and businessmen, we understand that time is money. Cost-cutting is second-nature to us. We take a business-first approach to meeting your needs, and so technology will never be more important to us than your business itself. We won’t recommend products you don’t need, and we’ll help you streamline what you already have, to save you time and money!

Third-Party Help

Our goal is to support and help you grow your business. We have relationships with many third-party companies and vendors. We can help you bring in other vendors who can also support your business, advance your current technology, or reduce your costs. We can introduce you to companies that offer new technologies that are the perfect fit for your business needs. Our large-scale approach to vendor relations may allow you to substantially reduce your expenses on technology you already use.



We know business; we deal with small business all the way up to enterprises that have to strategize for the future. Our consultants enjoy working with business and ensuring technology can support it.

  • Planning
  • Cost analysis
  • Growth strategies
  • Investment and ROI

If you are looking for a long term business partner to assist you with your business call our consultants now at 678-8-9-6636 x 2


Expanding can be a difficult thing as a small business. Even if you are a midsize or larger business there can be different challenges with growth. We understand these challenges and are here to offer our expertise.

  • What technology suits your business goals?
  • How much additional manpower will you need to support new systems?
  • Will certain systems allow for revenue growth without additional manpower?
  • How will your company support multiple locations?
  • How can you ensure enough redundancy?


Sometimes integration can be very costly. Proper planning for integrating systems is very important and should also be part of the process in choosing new systems.

  • Do you have systems that you are looking to purchase?
  • Are you looking for ways to automate processes?
  • Do you need planning for purchases?
  • Have you made recent system purchases?

Cost Cutting

There are many ways to cut costs within IT and business. Making smart decisions to not only cut costs but increase revenue is invaluable.

  • Would you like your expenses analyzed?
  • Are you curious if you are overpaying vendors or service providers?
  • We are familiar with most systems and vendors and can save you money if you call 678-809-6636 x 2